PCT / Post Cycle Therapy

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is needed to the body in order not suffer from any negative effects caused by the intake of steroids for quite a long time. This treatment is designed to restore the whole organism from the influence of hormonal drugs.
To make your choice, you can feedback athletes who have used drugs for PCT. Especially the admission of such therapeutic agents is very important in the use of sufficiently large doses of steroids and hormones, or when used in several hormonal anabolics.
PCT is designed to help you in such cases:

  • to fully restore natural hormone levels in the body
  • to prevent the development of male secondary female characteristics
  • to normalize sexual activity after taking such drugs

The additional intake of an anti estrogen or growth hormone, omega-3 fatty acids (all of these drugs are already included in PCT) will help you to keep gained while taking steroids body mass and of course the size of your muscles.
If you want to pump up your muscles and you have already chosen a suitable course of steroids then don’t forget to buy drugs for post-cycle therapy.

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