Hormones / Peptides

Peptides are molecules consisting of two or more amino acids connected by a peptide bond. Peptides contain in the molecule up to 100 amino acid residues, and proteins — more than 100. The peptides can be isolated from plants, animals, and can be artificially synthesized.
It would be strange if such a substance did not pay attention the athletes. Especially given the fact that conventional hormones, steroids have long been under the ban and are fine detected in the doping control. For the athlete peptides can be useful in the following:

  • the increased production of natural anabolic hormones (growth hormone, testosterone and others)
  • acceleration of regeneration processes
  • the impact on the mechanisms of cell division at the cellular level
  • point impact on the problem areas of the body

Unlike ordinary hormones, which “beat” throughout the body in general, peptides are able to exert influence on the separate organs and cells. Thus, not only increases the efficacy but significantly reduced side effects which are common to the hormonal preparations.

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