Testosterone Gel

This gel is used by applying to the skin. Today it is one of the most common drugs that are prescribed to patients with low levels of testosterone in the body.
Controversial popularity of Gel Testosterone received in the USA a few years ago. Trevor Graham is a well–known coach claims that some very popular athletes use this drug to improve their athletic performance. Some time later, it was found that the athletes didn’t even know what they smeared thinking that moisturizing, nourishing creams.
Benefits of using the medication Testosterone Gel is much less compared to its disadvantages. Positive effects of application: it does not require parenteral (injection) administration, evenly distributes the flow of testosterone in the blood. Its main drawbacks are: very high price, with increasing doses of the drug concentration of the drug increases two times. Bodybuilding requires a high level of concentration of anabolic hormones in the blood. With this purpose, you need to use the injectable hormones.

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